A New Start…

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Assalam o alikum wrwb,

Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Raheem

Starting a blog was something that did not even cross mind before. I was asked two times previously as well to make one, but I never took the advice seriously. I considered it to be too much work. Today someone very close to me asked me to make a blog. I told her ‘I would soon InshaAllah but I’m not making any promises.’ She got a little sad, but did not force me any further. My heart however had already inclined to making one, and thus here I am.  I just want to say that this blog will not be like the others with LONG articles, rather it will only consist of as the title says ‘Pearls of the Qur’an’. Basically, I will be taking certain GEMS from each Surah of the Quran. Something to keep in mind is that I will be starting with the 29th Juz’ which is from Surah Al Mulk all the way to the end ie. Surah An Nas, and then I will post GEMS from the begininng.


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Surah Nuh (Noah)

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images1 V. 3 The outcome of ibadah (worship) is taqwa (being Allah conscious), and taqwa leads to righteous deeds and helps us to refrain from doing zulm (injustice)

images1 V.8-9 Prophet Nuh conveyed day in and day out. He got all sorts of opposition- his nation would beat him so severely that he would fall unconscious, and then they would throw him in his house thinking he was dead; however the next day when Prophet Nuh would gain conscience, again he would go out to his people and start conveying. His opposition led him to a more closer relationship with Allah (SWT).
For a da’ee (caller to Allah): Take every opportunity and means you get to convey the message of Allah (SWT). And take all the opposition with a positive attitude, this will make you more firm in imaan (faith).

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Surah Al Ma’arij (The Means of Ascent)

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images1 V. 11-13 In this world people die to get the best education for their children, to provide the best for their children and their spouses just so that they may have the best. But most of the time during all this hassle, people tend to forget the rights of Allah (SWT), or that we are sent in this world in order to obey Allah (SWT), worship Him alone. However on that Day- the Day of Judgement, man will wish to ransom his wife, his children, his close relatives in order to be saved from the scorching fire of Hell. Instead of helping the family, he will be seeking their help; he will be ready to substitute them for his place in Hell.

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Surah Al Haqqa (The Inevitable Reality)

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images1 Successful are those who despite living in the luxuries of the Dunya (this world), keep only the Akhirah (Hereafter) in their mind

images1 V.7 No power, authority, wealth, property or children come of use in order to avert the punishment of Allah (SWT)

images1 V.12 When the ear is conscious and retains all that it has heard, it touches the heart and thus transforms into good actions

images1 V.24 It is the Dunya that is presented before ypu in which are to be done all kinds of actions, as on that day- the Day of Judgement, nothing will benefit you except that what you did already in the Dunya- righteous deeds

images1 If you want to enjoy tomorrow ie. the Hereafter, you have to work today ie. in this world

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Surah Al Qalam (The Pen)

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images1 V.9-13 Despite all the opposition of those around you, stay upon the good akhlaq (character)

images1 V. 18 The importance of saying INSHA ALLAH after everything you plan, as it is only with the will of Allah (SWT) that things occur the way they do

images1 V.32 Do not delay repentance and always turn to Allah (SWT) with hope

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Surah Al-Mulk (The Dominion)

December 4, 2008 at 9:16 pm (Uncategorized)

images1 V.2 Life is a precious gift. Knowing that during every moment of our life we’re being tested, makes it even more valuable

images1 V.2 Life is for tests- it is the examination hall, while with death await the results

images1 V.10 Without listening, there is no way of understanding

images1 V.10 Sometimes listening to even one good naseehah (advice) can change a person’s whole life

images1 V.10 Listening to music has a different effect than listening to the Qur’an, same way listening attentively brings about a different reaction than listening heedlessly

images1 V.17 Remember not to take anything for granted as the scene you see now may not be the same tomorrow

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